MythTV as a home media Player

Do you want a simple media player/viewer for the home? Maybe a device that you can watch videos on, view family snaps or just listen to some music? There are a lot of custom devices out there but maybe you should try MythTV! Although it's geared up to work with TV tuner cards it will happily work without one and allow you to share files throughout the house using Samba and UPnP as well.

I'd recommend using Mythbuntu. Note the latest version of Mythbuntu includes MythTV 0.24 which bringing in a few differences to the program, not least removing DVD ripping facilities. If you are building a home media station with this in mind you may wish to go for an eariler disk. All the older versions are still available on the site by selecting the "Advanced" button when you download the CD. I'd recommend the 10.04 version as it still includes Ubuntu packages that will be officially supported under LTS.

By Primitive Designs Last updated: 23 August 2011, 12:36