Openwrt is a viable replacement to expensive hardware!

Current project is OpenWRT. Definitely for the more technical type but if you have some patience it's a wonderful thing to run. I've not tried it on the actual ADSL connection itself but works really well as a wireless router. the important thing to check is first if your device works with it and second how much flash memory it has. My first router only had 4Mb of storage which is enough to install what your current router does but not a lot else. If you want to seriously muck about with it you need to be using something like the Buffalo WZR-AG300H.
If you've dipped your toes with a Raspberry Pi it is the next thing to look at. Just don't run it on your primary ADSL router till your certain it supports it. Otherwise you might have bricked you hardware. Also start with the 10.03 version.


By Primitive Designs Last updated: 15 January 2013, 16:54