Remember Anti-Virus!!!

Recently been talking to people about anti virus. First of all you really need it if you use any sort of Windows.I canít stress this highly enough. Secondly not all anti virus products are equal. Donít just get the one your Computer Reseller recommend (i.e. the place you bought the computer). Why not? Because more likely than not they have a reseller contract with one of the big name anti virus companies meaning that they can get up to 50% of the sale price as profit for them. Often this is the reason they sell it rather than any technical benefits.

Have a look on the Internet. Forums are not a bad way to find out but often reviews are more impartial and helpful. Things you should be looking for in a decent Anti Virus package:

  • Stats for how many viruses in the wild they stop (as opposed to possible ones they've come up with in their lab!)
  • Efficiency of the program - does it hog all the resources of your computer?
  • How helpful is the customer support - both phone support and website.
  • How easy is it to use - does it nag you every five seconds?

The third one is very important as in the unlikely event you do get a virus thatís got through itís vital that they can give you a way of getting rid of it. Also a company that provides good information to its customers is a company that actually cares about itís software and not just the £ signs.

Anti virus software does change in quality between different versions but the software that we install is Esetís Nod32. They fulfilled the criteria shown above and were not too expensive. We used to install AVG (who do a free version) but sadly noticed a distinct fall in quality of their products in our opinion. Your mileage may vary.

In terms of free software Iíve recommended Avira anti virus. So far it seems fairly unobtrusive and efficient. Remember that if you are running a business off your computer most free anti virus products are only aimed at home users and you are breaking their usage policy. Itís usually a false economy to do so anyway - count it as a business expense and remember what would happen if you passed a virus on to your customers by mistake. Better safe than sorry...

By Primitive Designs Last updated: 8 September 2011, 10:48