Taking a screenshot for fun or profit...

A lot of people will know this one now but a few of you might not. It's a basic tool most techies use to capture an image of exactly what is happening on the screen. Why would you want to use it? Maybe you tried to buy something online and it's thrown up an error message. Maybe you've got a weird error screen from a program you use. Maybe you simply want to keep an image of your desktop for posterity - "Look I really did do that online game in 30 seconds!". The Print screen option has been available since the dark ages of IT back when it would simply output whatever was displayed to your dot matrix printer! Nowadays it simply allows you to create an image.
How do you do it? Easy. In all versions of Windows simply hit the "Print Screen" button. it should be a little key on your keyboard over to the top right next. Once you hit it nothing will actually happen as it siply stores a capture of the screen in memory. You need to paste it into something. The easiest way to do that is fire up MS paint that every Windows machine should have. Either find it under "All  Programs - Accessories" or go to the Start menu, select "Run" and type in "mspaint". It should fire up a simple painting application. Select "Edit" and "Paste". The screen should now appear in the program window. Now save the image by selecting "File -> Save as" I'd suggest saving it as a JPEG rather than a BMP (this isn't a problem in newer versions of windows)
You can get additional software such as "greenshot" that does a better job, and Windows 7 and beyond comes with the "Snipping Tool" but the method outlined above works on everything Windows and usually is the simplest method.

By Primitive Designs Last updated: 26 September 2013, 11:09