When you just want a web browser...

So recently I lent someone a LiveCD of Linux to help them get round a trashed computer. As far as I know they are still using that! Linux used to be complex and hard to learn (but very powerful) now you can get running with it in minutes. Android is based on it. So what's a LiveCD and how would it benefit you to have one? Well basically it's an installation of an operating system on a CD or DVD. The idea is you boot your computer from it and as long as you have a fairly normal home set up you can get straight onto the internet. You would use it in the following situations -

1: You've got a virus or something is broken on your Windows install.
2: You're letting your kid brother/nephew/niece/other on your computer and you don't want them installing aforementioned virus.
3: You're worried about what's in your browser history.

For the first reason alone it's worth having a disk like that handy. Simply download an ISO file and burn it to a blank DVD/CD. You may have to learn how to boot the computer from the CD drive but that's normally hitting something like "F11" when the machine is first switched on. Check the messages on the screen when you hit the power button. There are lots of Live CD's out there. I'd recommend two. Firstly there's Mint.


Select the "32bit" Cinnamon version if you've got a newish PC. It's pretty and nice to use.
Alternately if you just want something really simple download EasyPeasy


Just download the ISO file and burn it to disk. Don't bother with the USB stick installer unless you want to use that to boot from instead of the CD. It gives you a very easy to use system. It won't have much installed but lets face it most of the time all you want is a web browser!

By Primitive Designs Last updated: 10 September 2013, 16:24