Website Hosting

As part of our services we offer competitive packages for web hosting. We can give you a simple couple of pages that can easily maintained from the web right up to providing you with your own "virtual" server. It really depends on the level of traffic you expect and "bespoke" requirements for your site. Rather than specialise in web design per se we provide the mechanisms for you to develop your own site. If design is required we can work closely with your preferred graphic designer to maintain a technical platform you can trust. Typical packages are as follows. You are not limited to these options but give a good idea of what you might ask for.

Basic Website - mainly for promotion of a company, club or other organisation. The ability to put up and edit half a dozen or so pages outlining who you are and what you do, along with a contact page for people to get in touch. A good way to get started quickly and using a number of standard templates can give you a smart website without involving expensive web developers

News or "Blog" Website  - if you have a need to post a lot of information up regularly that you expect a number of people to read reguarly you may want a site that offers more powerful options for posting information. An example would be a local review website or one specialising in providing up to the minute information on a subject. Using a Content Management System such as Drupal or Wordpress this allows you to concentrate on rapidly inputting new articles without worrying about indexing or formatting. It also allows different levels of access to different people if you deligate uploading content to other staff.

Website from scratch - in some cases companies or organisations require something completely unique to themselves. In this casewe are happy to provide a solid and reliable base for your creation. Usually you will employ a web designer to produce the site for you and we will work closely with them to give them the technical "depth" so you can feel confident about its reliabilty and ongoing availabilty.

Company Intranet -  there are many serivces that you use to run the company which you wish to be available wherever you are in the world. Typical examples are trouble ticketing systems, Wikis for information, or even an invoicing system. Even if you are only two or three members strong you may have a reqiurement for sharing a lot of information. We can either provide you with a portfiolio of web based tools for running your business or if the needs demand it your own "virtual server" with everything you need to operate the business available to you anywere but being as secure and safe as if it were in your own office.

Please get in contact if you need any more information.